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very nice, i got the feeling that the red cube is approaching my door. but then i remembered that my room doesn't have a door

edit: doesn't change that this game is creepy (well it should be like that)

I am never going to play this game again. One of the creepiest "assessments" ever.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 12;59

good stuff!

i wanted to see a story developed and much more of that

threat rthreta threat shut the fuck up dumbass ugly shit bitch weirdcore wannabe photoshop ugly bitch shit shit shit



cool cool, just wanted to check

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Very entertaining and interesting short game! Love the Mandela Catalogue and an interactive game similar to it was very fun to play!!

why is the words pixelated i love it

An entertaining, short horror game

I love these analog horror games, more need to be made!! This was great fun and I enjoyed the spooky faces!

Pretty entertaining

Game was entertaining ,kept me on edge need more.

Really good and scary game, scared me with those smile images :( 

Really spooky atmosphere and well-done ending! It was the first game I played in this 3 scary games video :D


1/5 stars cant sex the threat. greatly disapointed.

Billentyűs buzik

Basszátok meg



Just played this, and although it was short, it did a great job of instilling that special kind of fear and paranoia you get from analog horror. Great job, and thanks for sharing your game! 

I played this for my YouTube, if you're interested in checking it out in another tab then follow this link!

Another one of those games that makes me really uncomfy . Great job at being creepy though. Your game is second and starts at 15:24

Absolutely terrifying!!

Really enjoyed this spin on the Mandela Catalog! It's always the Eyes! Check out the playthrough below!


Gave me nightmares.

Gave the game a shot, it's the second in the video.

Thanks for making it!

So creepy, I loved it!

I love another exam game to add to the playlist and this one got me really good 👍🏼

love the guy in the tube hes like a little hermit crab

very weird game. different from what i usually play. Left me speechless at the end lmao.

I had a great time with this game!!! This was the second game I played for this video and it was very unsettling! Keep up the good work! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

I got 900 what does that mean

I got 500!

It was the second game I played in this video- super fun!

Not much too it really. :/

Recently played 3 analog horror games and this one is the First on the list i love this Subgenre! great game

Played this with a few other scary games and it didn't disappoint! I personally love these short creepy mandela catalogue inspired games! Got 900 score but if idk if it could go higher?

This was a really creepy and unnerving game. MY first analog horror game, and a great intro to the genre. Well done!

I got 900! I loved this game. I’m getting into analog horror games recently and I love this one so far! It was pretty scary and had me on edge.

I made a whole YouTube video about it! Check it out above! ❤️



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