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One Night at Talking Ben's is a Five Nights at Freddy's style horror game revolving around you being trapped in Ben's basement as you wait for help to arrive. You have to defend yourself from Ben or any of his friends that try and come into your room. You are armed with two doors, some cameras, and a phone. Good luck!


Just like my last game, this game was made over the course of five days as well. Also, credits to my friend Rusty for being the voice during the phone call. I also do not own a Mac so if that version of the game has any bugs, my bad bro!


ONATB (Windows).zip 81 MB
ONATB (Mac).zip 91 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract it. Run the "One Night at Talking Ben's.exe" file.


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no win

try putting this on gamejolt they have a fnaf fangame section and it should do well there 

lol this game needs more attention, really fun keep it up

Awesome game dude, it really had me on the edge the whole time lol.

Good challenge, proved to be too much for my dumb ass. May have to have another go at it soon!

I appreciate the video! Didn't expect anyone to try for that long. Angela is the white cat, she does not appear in your doorways so if you check the cameras and spot her in one of the hallways, close the door in your office that the hallway leads to.

LOL yeah I ended up figuring that out like halfway through and I was like "OH that's what he meant when he was giving me the instructions" lmao you made it very clear in the instructions, I was just dumb and didn't listen.

As long as you eventually got it! Your video was hilarious!

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ben psx so spooky

Great game its really fuuny and good

Thanks man! I appreciate it.